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Tricomin Therapy Spray – Natural Treatment For Hair Loss

Thinning hair is an unattractive fact that many men and women unfortunately have to face over the course of their lives. Though modern science has yet whip up that miracle tonic that’s going to turn a cue ball into a fur ball, there are products circulating the market that offer real results for people not quite ready to say good bye to their hair.

Tricomin therapy spray: Advanced care for thinning hair is one such product available right now. It’s an cosmetic hair lose product that has shown similar results to other big name hair loss products such as Rogaine or Propecia. Unlike these products however, it works on a different principle to achieve its results.

Whereas Rogaine uses potassium channel openers to try and stimulate follicle growth and Propecia attempts to inhibit DHT in the scalp, Tricomin therapy spray utilizes a unique concept called “Copper peptide technology” What does this mean? It’s scientifically proven that hair has a very strong affinity with copper. Copper levels are higher there and intrinsically linked in with several key functions of hair growth, such as melanin production and inhibiting the enzyme that turns testosterone (good for hair) into DHT (bad for hair). Other ingredients in Tricomin therapy spray include panthenol, a chemical important for hair structure, body and shine.

Tricomin works best for men suffering from diffuse thinning at the crown or temples, and they offer a whole host of products (shampoos, foams, solutions) that all have varying degrees of copper peptide technology imbedded within them, the therapy spray being the highest of all. The beauty part of Tricomin therapy spray and the other Tricomin products is that they can easily be used in conjunction with on-going hair lose product routines. Currently undergoing long term usage of Rogaine or Propecia? No problem! Tricomin will work harmoniously with these products, not cancel them out at all. For example, using Propecia will inhibit DHT production, stopping hair loss whilst the copper peptide technology of Tricomin products stimulates growth of new follicles.

In advanced phase II clinical studies, Tricomin products have consistently had positive results in the majority of men using them, 80% of the trial group to be precise, and unlike other hair loss products currently in the market, there are no nasty side effect warnings. This is because the innovative copper peptide technology is entirely natural, it’s not piling on other chemicals in an attempt to slow down hair loss. Nope. It’s giving your hair exactly what it needs to begin growing back. It’s not just male pattern baldness that Tricomin therapy spray and the other Tricomin products target, oh no, it’s also been shown to have proven, effective results across several different forms of women’s hair loss. This is because Tricomin isn’t an anti-androgenic treatment.

The maximum improvement Tricomin products will achieve arrives after roughly 16-18 months. Science may not yet have come up with that wonder cure solution to the hair loss problem, but Tricomin products offer up a viable way to slow down hair loss until it arrives.

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