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Thinning hair remedies

Thinning hair remediesHair loss can occur due to several reasons like such as cancer chemotherapy, illnesses and can also be a result of inheritance. Thinning hair can also be due to using harsh chemicals on the hair. If you have thinning hair problem, there are several thinning hair remedies that you can take advantage of to help you grow healthy hair with volume. Although air loss has no known cure, the only hair loss prescription drugs approved are only Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine) however their results are limited and last just for as long as the drugs are used. Below are a number of thinning hair remedies and products that are home tested and are sure to help you develop healthy hair.

One of the thinning hair remedies is to apply apple cedar vinegar, sage tea and a mixture of numerous oils such as olive oil, castor oil and almond oil. Before you apply the oil, you should warm it to give it a feel good texture when you are applying it. Thinning hair remedies such as aloe vera gel and egg yolk are also good in preventing thinning of hair. These mixtures should be washed out carefully after some time of application.

Hair care products that are excellent thinning hair remedies are shampoos and conditioners. Although people have different choices, the most common choices are Nizoral shampoo, Tail shampoo and Mane. All this products have excellent results however you should use what works best for you with consultation with your hair dresser and doctor where necessary.

There are also herbal thinning hair remedies that you can take advantage of to help you grow healthy hair with volume. The herbal hair remedies are found in many forms however you can also seek an expert herbalist’s suggestion for the best products. Some of the tested and important herbal remedies for hair come in the form of lotion that is applied on the scalp and those in pill form. The lotions include Saw palmetto, Chinese herb called “he shou wu”, Aloe vera, Pygeum, stinging nettle and Ginko biloba. The herbs are effective but special care must be taken when using the herbs.

Minoxidil (Rogain) is one of the most recommended thinning hair remedies that is an over the counter medication that is recommended for both men and women however, it only works for as long as you keep using it and thinning hair reappearance will begin as soon as you stop using the medication.

There are also thinning hair remedies that are drugs obtained through prescription only. An example of these drugs is Propecia that also has great abilities in reducing thinning hair. Beside all these forms of treatments, you can also make use of weaves and wigs that are very suitable for temporary baldness and thinning of hair due to effects of chemotherapy treatment for cancer.

Although thinning hair remedies mentioned above work well, it is recommended that you see a doctor in case you experience speedy hair loss. Speedy hair loss can be as a result of reduced estrogen levels, iron deficiency and even stress. With medical advice, a proper diagnosis to your thinning hair problem will be identified and effective treatment such as Rogaine which is a 2% minoxidil solution prescribed to encourage hair growth. All these solutions are effective remedies for hair thinning, but it is wise that you consult and analyze the different remedies before settling on a product. Even though you may not find the best solution this way, it is wise to understand products before using them.

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