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Saw Palmetto for Acne

Acne is  a common skin disease that affects both men and women. This skin condition is characterized by reddish pimples on a patient’s skin- mostly on face. Acne occurs when the skin’s pores become clogged with dirt and oil.   Saw Palmetto for acne

The symptoms include; inflamed growth, blackheads and whiteheads to mention but a few.

Acne treatment involves applying medication directly on your skin. However, the use of synthetic chemicals can cause even more complication. You can as well try Saw palmetto for acne.

Saw palmetto can be described as a medical herb. Its main constituents are fatty acids, flavonoids, and plant sterols. Saw palmetto contains polysaccharides that are used by the body to boost immunity as well as an anti-inflammatory. Additionally, this herb can be used to treat the problem of BPH in men and as an acne solution.

 Saw palmetto for acne; how does it work?

Saw palmetto alters the level of testosterone in the human body. This is achieved through inhibiting conversion of testosterone to dihydro-testosterone, DHT. Saw palmetto for acne- mainly focuses on hormone driven acne. In the human race the subject of hormonal imbalance is not new. Some of the instances that one experiences a hormone imbalance include; at puberty, during menstruation, during pregnancy and at menopause.

During this period, Androgen- a male hormone present in both genders- produce excessive oil that end up clogging skin pores hence creating a conducive environment for the growth of bacteria, this leads to acne.

Medical studies show that the shift in hormones can be very fatal. Some of the commonly associated problems include prostate enlargement and baldness in men and acne for both men and women. Saw palmetto has proved to be a worthwhile medication among patients who used it. However, the results differ from one patient to another.

Saw palmetto for acne; usage

160 mg of the supplement twice each day is the suggested dosage. However, this is not the scientifically approved dosage. Before taking the supplement, always ensure that it is comprised of 85 % and above of both plant sterols and fatty acids. Although, saw palmetto is regarded as a male supplement it can also be taken by women who are not pregnant.

Recently, scientists have come up with a more powerful supplement by combining other natural substances that are used to fight acne and the active ingredients of Saw palmetto.

 Saw palmetto for acne; safety 

Taking of these supplement orally has proved to be much safer. However, what brings concern is its effect after intake. The supplement was concluded to have anticoagulant properties. This means that it can cause excessive bleeding on patients undergoing surgery. It is therefore important for anybody who is about to undergo surgery to suspend the use of the supplement for several weeks before the actual surgery.

Also, if you happen to be taking anticoagulant drugs such as warfarin or aspirin you should be very cautious not to take the supplement. Pregnant and nursing women are also advised not to take the supplement. It is argued that since this supplement inhibits androgen it can as well interfere with estrogen present in contraceptives. Generally, if you are on other medications it is advisable that you discuss with your doctor before taking it.

Saw palmetto for acne is a very good approach for a short term solutions to treating acne- through preventing hormonal imbalance. However, if you are interested in preventing the likelihood of developing this skin problem, you must note clearly what is causing the hormonal imbalance. This particularly is for individuals whose hormones imbalance is caused by other reasons rather than the ones discussed earlier.

One of the most common problem is poor diet. Taking a poor diet trigger digestion related problems. Consequently, poor digestion leads to increase in toxic substances in the body. The excess toxic substances eventual cause skin inflammations that result into acne formation. Additionally, toxic substances lead to a general over growth of bacteria. These bacteria are then responsible for acne formation and production of excess oil on the skin.

Lastly, a poor diet makes it hard for the skin to recover from acne formation. This is attributed to a weakened immunity caused by poor diet.

Saw palmetto for acne is one of the best medical approaches. However, knowing the root cause of hormonal imbalance and treating it is not bad either.


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