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What is Postpartum Hair loss

Hair loss, is an emerging problem that hinders men and women. It’s a believe that hair loss problems are more common in male than female’s. However, both trigger hair loss; but due to the fact women considered as a hair loss that threat to their beauty, so they remain hush about it.

Hair loss can be happened due to various reason which includes sleep deprivation, stress or anxiety, unhealthy diet, gene’s, fluctuation in weight and the hormonal changes.  In females the most common cause of hair loss is the hormonal imbalance.

Females become competent to the hair loss when they  go through the pregnancy period  and the pregnancy has various effects on our normal body mechanism. The best FUE hair transplant surgeon Dr Rana Irfan stated that according to our estimation every third of women said that during pregnancy their hair looks far better than ever, perhaps one third of females said that they  feel their hair become dry and wreck; for which they have to do moisturizing more frequently and very few of them observed no change in their hair growth.  Of course, the hormone in each body acts in a different way;  some are sensitive to them and some are not, so it’s not possible to stimulate the effects  of hormones. However,  it’s not necessary that you experience postpartum disorder in the first pregnancy then you will experience it in the next as well and there are no symptoms that can suggest that if you don’t feel the postpartum disorder’s in the first pregnancy then you will not have it in the second.

Have you ever heard about the Postpartum period?

Postpartum period referred to the phase that’s starts in female’s after the delivery of the baby. The time frame of this period is approximately 6 to 12 months after the baby birth. Women one way or another experience the postpartum disorder which includes the mood swings, depression and extreme stress because of the hormonal change. Perhaps the most severe  disorder is Postpartum psychosis. According to WHO (World Health organization) the postpartum period is highly neglected in motherhood lives. The postpartum disorder occurs due to the changes in the body after the birth of the baby; the uterus and the hormones travel back to their original size. Here, we conclusively define the postpartum disorder, but one of the postpartum disorder which is highly oversight is the Postpartum hair loss.

Do you know about Postpartum hair loss?

We shed 50 to 100 hairs on a daily basis, which  is normal. Many females stated the fact that their hair growth increases during pregnancy but after the birth they have to face severe hair loss.  Researches suggested that 80% -90% of our total hair in the growing phase and  5 to 10% in the shedding phase usually, but in pregnancy the hair growth tenure increases and very few hairs turns into resting phase. After the delivery the hormones changing happen in order to shift the body from pregnancy to non pregnancy state, so the hairs turn in the resting phase more rapidly. While in the pregnancy if the hair growth is utmost then the hair loss after the delivery is going to be extreme as well. The  postpartum hair loss happened in the middle of 3 to 6 months. Furthermore, it is noticed in some cases that the postpartum hair loss can be permanent. Usually the hairs come back in 12 months after the delivery, but if the hair is not coming back seek a doctor to undermine the reason.

Don’t fret, if you see the clogged of hairs in the shower drain and in your pillow after the delivery of the baby. During pregnancy the estrogen level increases which hold the hair from moving towards resting phase and kept them in growing phase, but after the pregnancy the estrogen level decreases, which is the apparent reason of causing postpartum hair loss.Basically, the process is simple that at the time of pregnancy those hairs which  save their self from shedding; later the pregnancy resume the shedding and that’s why we encounter the hair loss.It’s  been a presumption that breast feeding is the reason of causing hair loss, which is actually a myth; breast feeding has nothing to do with the hair loss.

Generally, most of the women experience Postpartum hair loss, it’s a natural process. There is no need to stress about it, but it would be better if a woman goes for a normal checkup so that the hair loss reason get analyze because many of the medical conditions such as iron deficiency, hypothyroidism and  mineral deficiency which happen in the pregnancy can also lead to hair loss. One of the studies has shown that 50 % of postpartum hair loss occur after the first pregnancy, yet there is no surety that it will definitely happen after the first baby, there is no ramification presents that can study the exact time and which number of pregnancy can lead to postpartum hair loss. Here, one thing should be noted that makes your self poised and composed during the postpartum period because the stress worsen the condition and cause more hair fall. Execpt, that postpartum condition can happened whether it is mood swings and hair loss will happen because of the body transformation from pregnancy to non pregnancy. Although if it adhere’s to you that hair loss is extremely severe then visiting a doctor will do no harm .


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