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How to reduce hair fall? The best hair fall treatment

I’m starting to lose hair – What is the best hair fall treatment? How to reduce hair fall

Hair is a very important issue for both and women, who try to look at their best.
Although for men it seems normal to lose hair at older age, nobody wants to see their hear starting to disappear. The question most people ask themselves when they start losing hair is How to reduce hair fall ? How do we stop losing our hair? To be able to answer that we first have to find the reason for our hair loss.

There are many reasons that could lead to hair loss, some easily reversible ,other are quite hard to prevent. So what are the main reasons for losing hair?

Hormonal factors
  - They affect mostly men and can start as early as after puberty.
Other hormonal factors could be due to imbalance of hormones that could result from pregnancy, birth control pills, child birth on menopause.

hair fall treatment

Medical conditions – A person having medical problems like anomalies with the thyroid glands, suffering from alopecia aerate, having scalp infection and other types of skin disorders.

Some types of medications – Treatment for cancer, depression, arthritis, high blood pressure, and heart problems can lead to the hair falling.

Having emotional shock or stress – Experiencing intense stress or having emotional shock has been documented to lead to hair fall. It is very important that people know how to deal with their emotions and keep check on their stress levels.

If we want to know How to reduce hair fall, we should know is the reason for this behavior.

So what is the best Hair fall treatment?

how to reduce hair fallFor those cases of hair fall which are not genetic, there are measures which can actually reverse the hair fall. Some of these hair fall treatment are in the following list:

How to reduce hair fall using home made remedies

Apply natural juices to your scalp – You can squeeze out juice from onion, garlic or ginger and rub it into your scalp, and leave it till morning. Then thoroughly wash with water.

Apply hot oil to your hair – When you warm up natural oils like coconut, olive oil or canola and gently massage it into your scalp they will stimulate blood flow to your scalp and enrich your hair follicles thus encouraging your hair to grow.

Use antioxidants on your scalp – Create an antioxidant remedy using green tea. Take two bags of green tea and mix it with a cup of water. Then gently massage the solution into your scalp. This will serve as antioxidant to your scalp and it will promote rich hair growth again.

Use Herbal products over chemical products – When it comes to hair products always chose herbal products in place of chemical products. Chemical based products are usually “corrosive” to your hair follicles in the long run thus would lead to hair loss or thinning over the years.

Oil your hair regularly – Oiling the hair leaves a film of oil covering the hair strands, the oil enrich them encourage them to grow thick, reduce breakage, keep them flexible and shiny. It also prevents dry scalp.
how to reduce hair fall

How to reduce hair fall naturally?

Practice meditation and relaxation techniques – In many instances the main cause of hair loss is usually stress. If you could handle your stress better, you are less likely to develop hair thinning or hair loss, and if you already are suffering from such. It is advisable you practice meditation to calm down yourself better thus reverse your hair loss.

Discontinue use of new hair product that seems to be the cause – You may change your regular shampoo or hair product and then start noticing your hair falling or thinning out. It is advisable you discontinue use of such a product immediately.
Don’t keep changing your shampoo – Frequent change of hair shampoo and hair products generally may lead to scalp irritation, this is because such products are majorly chemical based. And mixing different types of chemicals in your head frequently may lead to corrosive effects.

Avoid washing hair with hot water – Use either water at room temperature or warm water. Using hot water on your hair damages the hair follicles, and makes them lose their flexibility. This would encourage hair fall and breakage.

Massage your scalp daily – Scalp massage encourages blood flow to the scalp, leading to more nutrients being supplied to the scalp which in turn encourages healthy and abundant hair growth.

Ensure you wash your hair regularly - Don’t leave your hair dirty and unkempt. This only serves to build up dandruff and other dirt particles within your hair. This will in turn compromise your hair follicles leading to easy hair breakage and fall. The hair will as well thin out since they are unhealthy.

This should basically How to reduce hair fall naturally. If this doesn’t help, you can resort to medical hair fall treatments and remedies available in the market, such as monoxide, Rogaine and more.
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