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Hair Growth Tips

Today straight, tomorrow curly … today long, tomorrow short.Women’s hair goes daily through a lot of changes, but after a radical transformation it is quite difficult to have again a silky long hair. Here are some hair growth tips that will help you to have a long hair and at the same time healthy and shiny.

  1. A long hair is the wish of many women. The first step, and the most important, for a beautiful and long hair is a healthy lifestyle. Eat more fruits and vegetables, chicken and oily fish, liver, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, flax seeds. Foods with a high content of vitamins A, B, C and E are essential for the growth of hair. Dietary supplements are also an option but should not be taken in excess.
  2.  Drink more water.We hear this sentence so often that it has become a cliché. But it is true. The water moisturizes your skin and your hair.Two liters of water per day will give your hair a strong and a healthy texture.And a healthy hair will grow growth tips
  3. Avoid the feohn as much as possible. The high temperature generated by feohn deteriorates the hair structure. After bath, let your hair dry in a natural way and use your feohn only in emergency situations.
  4. Egg whites have a high content of vitamins and have a beneficial effect on hair health.Beat 2 eggs and apply the mask on the whole length of hair. Wait about 15 minutes and then you can wash your hair. The egg white nourishes your hair and helps it grow faster.
  5. Eat foods containing vitamin B ( like peppers and bananas). These will give vitality and shine to your hair and will help it to grow more in a shorter time.
  6. Eat more proteins. The ingredients high in proteins improve the health of the whole body. A balanced diet with an optimal protein content, will improve the hair health and will accelerate its growth .
  7. The scalp care and a correct hair brushing will help your hair grow faster.A correct hair brushing stimulates blood circulation to the scalp. Brush your hair every morning and every evening for about 5 minutes.Do not brush your hair immediately after bath. If you have a long hair, brush it strand by strand.The brush should be soft and not act like a rake, breaking the hair. Do not forget to clean your brush at least once a week.
  8. One of the most popular hair growth tips is the yeast mask.This hair mask contains vitamins and amino acids that speed up the growth of hair and also strengthen its structure.Massage well the scalp, not on the length of the hair, and let it act about 30 minutes.  hair growth tips
  9. If you want your hair to grow faster, you can apply on it regularly, some masks with natural oils.The best oils for a great long and shiny hair are: olive oil, argan oil, cocoa oil and almond oil.The oil is applied on the scalp and on the hair length half an hour before bath.

If you expect a miracle, you probably will not succeed.But with patience and effort you’ll be able to increase the growth rate of your hair.And remember that a long hair is first of all a healthy hair.

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