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Frontal Hair Loss Treatment

frontal hair loss treatment

frontal hair loss treatment

Hair loss is one devastating condition experienced by many individuals around the world especially the male population. Baldness is a problem almost all men suffer in some point in their lives and a lot of them end up losing self confidence. Unfortunately, hair loss is already experienced by many young men even in their early twenties. The frontal type hair loss is considered the most difficult type men should deal with. This typ is very noticeable as the occurance of baldness is in the front the head. So, if you are some experiencing this type of hair loss you are probably asking yourself if whether or not there this is treatable. Well, good news for you as this article will provide four options for frontal hair loss treatment.(read more tips at

Causes of Frontal Hair Loss

First, it is necessary to know the causes of this unfortunate condition. There are various factors and reasons that could lead to baldness. But, the main reason would be because of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This produced when the testosterone is combined with a certain enzyme. DHT is stored in the base part of the hair follicles and then blocks the growth of hair. However there are other common reasons such as hormonal issues, health problems, hereditary problem, depression, stress, scalp infections, sedentary lifestyle and even prescribe medication side effects.

Four Options for Frontal Hair Loss Treatment

Now that we already know the causes of frontal hair loss. It is now time to know 4 options men could consider in aiding frontal hair loss.

Finasteride/Propecia was initially prescribed for men under the name Proscar for treating enlargement of the prostate glands. The side effect of Proscar was that it causes hair growth in significant number of users. It is now marketed as Propecia for treating mild to moderate hair loss. Widely considered as the most effective treatment for male pattern hair loss as it is proven to work for the majority of its users. It can prevent the occurance of hair loss in the scalp anterior part and frontal area. However there are no accurate evidence that it works for treating receding hair at the temples. Propecia can be expensive as it cost around $60 to $150 per month.

First was used in tablet form under the name Loniten as an antihypertensive drug to treat high blood pressure. An unexpected side effect was that several patients experienced excessive growth of hair. Now Loniten is marketed as Rogaine, made of the drug Minoxidil. The treatment is consist of a cream to be applied on the frontal area where baldness is experienced. The cream needs to be applied twice a day to prevent additional receding of the hair. This treatment can be used on a daily basis as it is affordable unlike Propecia.

Transplants or Plugs
Another treatment for permanent solution would be transplants and plugs. Both can help regain the hair that was lost. However, these options can be very expensive and will take up to two years to complete. You would expect to pay around $10,000 as an average for a complete hair transplant. This process is very complicated and requires monitoring and in several cases sedation. This is possibly the best solution and after this process maintenance may not be necessary.

Natural Treatment
This option is for those people with sensitive skins. Natural frontal hair loss treatment doesn’t have side effects as this process involves products that are purely produced naturally. This option is proven to be very safe for everyone. Natural treatment involves proper and healthy diet; drinking of tea at least a cup daily; massage and aromatherapy; detoxification; essential oils and exercise.
One of the best natural substances is saw palmetto, which is rich in anti oxidants,  and acids, and used as a remedy for acne patients by alternative medicine experts.

These options have been proven to be effective frontal hair loss treatment. Doing such treatments along with living a healthy life you can ensure that your problem with frontal hair loss will soon be gone.

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