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Causes of hair loss in women and recommended solutions

woman hair lossHair loss is a great concern to many people. It is particularly serious if it affects women. Women are extremely conscious about the look of their hair since it defines their beauty. Most of them maintain various styles of long hair. However, the continuous loss of the hair can cause considerable pain and trauma among them. This can be tricky to deal with if the causes are not known. Although men are also suffering from this problem, the truth is that most women use money and time to maintain their hair. The causes of this condition are numerous. However, the main factors can be dealt with without many problems.

Chemicals in hair products are the leading causes of hair damaging effects. The cosmetic industry might fail to regulate all the products getting into the market. This means that if a person is not careful while purchasing the products, harmful substances might end up in people’s houses to clean or treat their hair. In other cases, these chemicals might pose a real danger to users’ health. This might end up deteriorating the hair loss condition. The good way to resolve this situation is to avoid buying the hair products from a chemist or a supermarket but a healthy hair food shop. There are numerous health products for the hair, from online suppliers, as well.

On the other hand, medications and other drugs have been shown to have dangerous side effects among them causing hair loss to the patients. Most of the drugs used to treat blood pressure, oral contraceptives, and lithium among others play a leading cause of hair loss. However, most of these side effects stop as soon as the medication is over and a person is back to normal life. It is without doubt, medical conditions that produce prolonged high fever might cause the body to fail and lose the ability to function properly, leading to thinning of hair. These diseases include diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid disorders, menopause, anemia and more.

Some women aggravate the situation by use of a number of hairstyles. These styles have negative effects on the condition and health of the hair leading to thinning and damaging effects. For instance, ponytails, use of curling machines and hair dryers are among the practices that cause a lot of problems to the hair. Hormonal condition is also a slow cause of hair loss among women. In addition, the scalp might be affected by fungal infections that result to drastic falling of hair. Immediate treatment by anti-fungal treatments should be used to cease the effects of the condition.

However, hair loss should not be the end to enjoying a healthy and beautiful hair. Use of cream, shampoos, sprays and ampoules are applicable to reverse the effects of hair loss. Most of these are natural products. In cases where the conditions are beyond reverse, surgery and implants becomes essential in restoring the confidence of the affected women. The latter require high technology that enables new hair to grow just like in normal growth.

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