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5 Natural tretments that can stop your hair loss

Hair loss is fast becoming a wide spread problem in men all over the world. This condition is known as alopecia and mostly affects men than women. Scientific investigations have shown that this disease is mostly influenced by testosterone hormone which is found in men. This discovery explains why it has a higher prevalence in men than in women. It may be brought about by stress, poor diet or normal illness. Other sources of the disease may include exposure to nuclear radiations which are produced by x-rays or continuous use of anti-cancer drugs.

Alopecia, also known as baldness, causes either partial or total hair loss in men over a prolonged period of time. When faced with this condition, many men tend to turn to over publicized drugs that claim to stop hair loss only to find that they do not work. Even the few that may seem to work normally have many side effects which eventually weaken the body’s immune system.
To avoid the effects of chemicals in a hair loss patient, it is commendable to try out natural treatments. This homeopathic and herbal treatments are not only cheap but will also reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth, improve blood circulation, correct thyroid functioning and create a hormonal balance in the body. Some of the treatments are listed below.

Cut down on alcohol and sugar intake
Too much sugar, junk food and alcohol are the key ingredients that increase the rate of hair loss. To reduce or avoid further hair loss, it is important to terminate these substances from the diet. Instead they should be replaced with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean fat, proteins and whole grains.

A scalp massage with oils that contain components like Ginger, Lavender, Rosemary and Cyprus has been proven to cut down the rate of hair loss in men. Jojoba and Carrier oil should also be added to get the best results.

Take plenty vitamins and minerals
Vitamin E, vitamin B, magnesium and calcium should be regularly taken by hair loss patients. This is because they are the primary components that stimulate hair growth. To achieve the desired intake levels it is important to purchase vitamin and mineral supplements from certified chemists.

Apply Saw Palmetto herbs
The Saw Palmetto herb is responsible for inhibiting production of DHT in the testosterone. Since testosterone is the main cause of hair loss, a decrease in its production will reduce the effect of this disease.

Increase iron intake
This treatment is only for those people who have lost their hair as a result of anemia. Before an individual embarks on this treatment, they should consider checking their iron levels since it is only recommended for iron deficient individuals.

Take ground cumin and Aloe Vera juice
A mixture of Aloe Vera juice with cumin seeds has been published in many scientific journals as one of the substances that reduce hair loss. This combination should be taken after every meal and results will be guaranteed within a short period.

A combination of avocado oil and essential oils
An avocado and essential oils mixture should be applied on the scalp at least twice a day for it to work effectively. This remedy has been reported by many people as a success in reduction of the rate of hair loss.
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